Nodal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Nodal 2.0

What is new in Nodal 2.0?
Nodal 2.0 is a major internal update to the software, bringing it up to date with many modern MacOS and Windows features. These include:

·       Nodal is now a 64 bit application and runs on the most recent versions of MacOS (11 “Big Sur”) and Windows 10.

·       New, updated retina graphics in the interface.

·       A new, more flexible licensing system.

·       Many other internal updates and bug fixes.

Where can I report bugs/feature requests?
Please post them to the user group, but before posting please check that someone else hasn’t already posted the same bug/feature request.

Is Nodal 2 a paid upgrade?
Yes. The cost of a full licence (for both Mac and Windows) is US$59.99You can still try the new version of Nodal free for 30 days (with saving disabled). After 30 days you’ll need to purchase a license to keep using the software.

Why does a Nodal 2 license cost more than a Nodal 1 license?
Nodal 1.X licenses were offered at an “introductory price” with free 1.X updates. This license was very generous: if you purchased a license when the software was first released in 2008 you received more than 10 years of completely free updates! However, this model makes it difficult for us to continue development and support of the software, so we have decided to move towards a more sustainable model. We still think the cost is very reasonable given the capabilities of the software.

How many copies of Nodal can I run with a single license simultaneously?
2. You can always deactivate on one machine and reactivate on another, but the maximum number of simultaneous applications is limited to 2.

If I purchase a licence now for the Mac version, will I be able to use the same license on the Windows version?
Yes. A licence allows you to activate up to 2 simultaneous copies, irrespective of OS used.

If I purchase a Nodal 2 license will I need to pay for future upgrades?Minor upgrades and bug fix releases will be free for current Nodal 2 licence holders. Major updates will be paid updates, however existing users will receive a significant discount when upgrading.

Do you offer any other licensing or discount options?
Yes, in 2022 will will offer a subscription option that allows you to subscribe on a monthly basis and will include all updates as long as you remain subscribed. We also offer discounts for bulk purchases in education environments. Please contact Nodal support if you would like to purchase a bulk education license.

Will there be a VST plugin version of Nodal?
We are not currently working on this but given sufficient interest it is something we could consider.

Upgrading/Version 1.9 Questions

I purchased a license for version 1.X, what are my upgrade options?
We offer discount pricing (50% discount) for users with a valid 1.X license who want to upgrade to Nodal 2.0. Please contact Nodal Support if you would like to upgrade, but note that you’ll need to provide the receipt and serial number for your existing licence to receive the discount.

Can I just keep using version 1.X and not upgrade?
Yes, your existing license for version 1.9 will continue to work, however note that if you upgrade your OS the software will no longer be compatible and will not work.

I have a valid 1.X license and need to reinstall Nodal on a new machine – where can I download a copy of Nodal 1.9?
Please contact Nodal Support and provide a valid receipt for your current licence and the license number. 

I purchased a copy of Nodal via the Apple App Store – how can I upgrade?
You can either switch to the downloadable version from our website ( and purchase an upgrade license, or wait until we release the App Store version (which will also be a paid update).

Will version 1.9 continue to be supported?
No, will the full release of Nodal 2.0 since 2020, we no longer support the 1.9 release.

I have exceeded the number of activations of my 1.9 license, can I get additional activations?
No, due to the closure of the company that manages licenses, we are no longer able to offer new 1.9 licenses. You will need to upgrade to version 2.It is still possible for you to deactivate an existing copy and reactivate it on another machine, but remote deactivations or license resets are no longer possible.