Nodal Research & Development

Nodal is developed at the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, Australia.

Original concept: Jon McCormack
Project team: Jon McCormack and Peter McIlwain
Engineering: Aidan Lane and Ross Bencina

The original funding for Nodal research and development was provided by an Arts/IT small grant and commercialisation development grant from Monash University.


Nodal Technical Papers

The following technical papers describe some of the design decisions behind Nodal, and details on its use and internal operation. Click on the [PDF] links to download the papers.

J. McCormack and P. McIlwain, "Generative Composition with Nodal", in E. R. Miranda (ed): A-Life for Music: Music and Computer Models of Living Systems, A-R Editions, Inc. Middleton, Wisconsin, 2011, pp. 99-113

McCormack, J., McIlwain, P., Lane, A. & Dorin, A. "Generative Composition with Nodal, in Workshop on Music and Artificial Life (part of ECAL 2007), E.R. Miranda (ed.) , Lisbon, Portugal, 2007. [PDF]

McIlwain, P., McCormack, J., Lane, A. & Dorin, A."Composing With Nodal Networks", in Proceedings of the 2006 Australasian Computer Music Conference (ACMC), Haines (ed.), ACMA, Fitzroy, Australia 2006, pp. 101-7. [PDF]

McIlwain, P. & McCormack, J. "Design Issues in Musical Composition Networks", in Proceedings of the Australasian Computer Music Conference 2005, Opie, T. and Brown, A. (eds), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. 12 - 14 July 2005, pp. 96-101. [PDF]